High Performance Fasteners for Demanding Applications

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Mercer Gasket & Shim, a trusted industry supplier for over a century, known for its expertise in gasket and small part manufacturing, is now an official distributor of LoneStar Group’s cutting-edge fastening products. The coupling of Mercer’s industry knowledge and LoneStar’s outstanding products ensures that domestically manufactured, high-performance, fasteners of uncompromising quality are available to […]

Rail Car and Manway Sealing Solutions

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Mercer Gasket & Shim offers an array of sealing solutions for the process industries, our sealing solutions can be found throughout the industrial supply chain.  Mercer Gasket and Shim can assist with all your rail car, tank sealing needs for a range of tank car applications including manway lids, bottom outlet valves, flange connections and […]

mercer gasket manway

Silicone Rubber Gasket 101 | Materials, Properties, Applications

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What Are Silicone Rubber Gaskets? Gaskets are mechanical seals used to fill in the spaces between two mated surfaces. They are engineered to prevent fluids (gas or liquid) from leaking out of or into the system between the two surfaces while under compression. In some assemblies, they serve as a barrier that keeps two components […]

Gaskets vs O Rings

Gasket vs. O-Ring: Differences and Common Applications

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While gaskets and O-rings serve a similar purpose of sealing out air or liquid, the two are designed for different situations and vary in appearance. Here, the team at Mercer Gasket & Shim will explain the differences between these sealing solutions to help you determine the best one for your application. What Are Gaskets and […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Gasket – Materials, Types, Uses

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Everything from the size of the gasket to its ability to withstand degradation and damage plays a role in how well it can stop the escape of air, gas, water, or other fluids. Gaskets are placed between two flush surfaces that have a channel for fluid movement. Because the two surfaces might not be perfectly […]

Sanitary Gasket

Food Grade Gaskets • Material Selection Guide | Fda Approved

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Food grade gaskets play a vital role in consumer safety, helping to maintain the sterility of consumable products. Manufacturers typically utilize these gaskets across a wide range of food-production applications to prevent contamination. One of the most important applications for gaskets is food production; compromising the safety of food and beverages can threaten entire populations. […]

Cork Rubber Gasket

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Rubber cork — a combination of milled cork grain and synthetic rubber — is a specifically formulated material that has been at the forefront of gasket technology since the 1970s. Also referred to as cork rubber, this material is available in many different sizes and variations, and is used in a broad range of applications […]

The Reverse Engineering Solution

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Reverse Engineering is the process of taking something without a blueprint, computer-aided design (CAD) file, or any other documentation, and being able to recreate it. Sometimes a customer will request a replicated part without any known design record on which to base the part; even having a sample part in hand won’t tell the whole […]

Learn About our Various Materials with this Guide

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Gaskets are vital for preventing the escape of fluids or air in several types of applications. Since gaskets are available in many different materials, sizes, and styles, selecting the right gasket can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming experience. Mercer Gasket has produced custom gaskets for over 80 years, so we know the criteria for […]